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Intermediate 6 Hour Private Kiteboarding Lesson

Intermediate 6 Hour Private Kiteboarding Lesson

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Duration: 6hrs 

6 Hours with a Private Instructor:

First Hour - Trainer Kite on sand (Basic movements + Wind and Wave Theory)

-Inflatable Kite Setup

-Learning your equipment

Second Hour - Inflatable Kite control on land 

-Safety and Self Rescue Techniques

-Kite Control, Launching and Landing a kite

-Body Dragging 

-Water Launching

Third Hour - Body Dragging Upwind without a board and then followed with the board.

-Board rescue

-First board water starts
Fourth Hour - Perfect your body dragging upwind technique and consistently rescue your board while water launching the kite consistently.

Fifth Hour - Consistent water-starts in both directions then body drag upwind to coach. Perfecting one-handed kite control.

Sixth Hour - Consistent downwind rides to both directions and starting to maintain your line towards up-wind.

Lesson Includes :

-Private 1 on 1 Instruction

-Kiteboarding Equipment

*Lesson progression varies per client's ability to learn each step*
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