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2022 Roca V4 Tarifa by Best Kiteboarding

2022 Roca V4 Tarifa by Best Kiteboarding

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We present you our new ROCA V4 TARIFA !

Our kite is made with love in TARIFA, with local workmanship, latest technology, European materials, unit by unit testing by great experts and reduction of pollution and plastics. It also features two major changes and innovations such as double reinforced struts and dacron and triple ripstop kanopi.

Now you can fly much higher, do impossible tricks and have a very fast and smooth ride.

The steering is quick and direct, the bar pressure moderate. With its easy relaunchability and rigid stability the Roca provides pure confidence.

The selection of materials and manufacturing processes make the Roca extremely durable. It also comes with our new inflation system that enable you to pump, rig and launch the kite in no time!

Changes to previous model

  • Stronger and resistant Dacron at leading edge resulting in a rigid frame that maintains its shape in strong gusty winds while enabling quicker more direct steering.
  • Leaner Strut Construction – change to two panels for an even stronger, lighter structure.
  • Canopy protector at inflation/deflation valve.
  • Improved valve for faster inflation and deflation.
  • Ronstan Shock Sheaveless Block Pulley for reduced friction and longer durability of lines.
  • Triple Rip Stop on Canopy.
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