Starkite's Decade Innovation

Starkite's Decade Innovation

   As we near towards the end of the year, kiteboarding companies start rolling out their new models. Starkite is kiteboarding company designed for IKO certification, showcased their new 2022 Taina model in their website displaying multiple key features in their new kiteboarding technology. Altogether Starkite has been perfecting their kite technology with over a decade of kite engineering to adapt to a rider's needs.

Here are some of Starkites key features :

- New Canopy: the 3x Ripstop stop has been replaced with an ultra-rigid 4x Ripstop from Teijin to guarantee the best durability and for maximum efficiency and responsiveness

- New Dacron for leading edge and struts has been upgraded to a way lighter and stiffer version which makes a big difference in the dynamic of the kite .

- New Trailing Edge is now Dacron free which makes the kite overall way lighter and more reactive.

- New less resistance pulleys for better and fast reaction

- New Central Valve system and tubes

- New Instructions visible on the kite

   Their newest change to their kiteboarding canopy is the upgrade to the quadruple ripstop technology. Ripstop nylon is the essential building material for the canopy, adding an extra layer of this material will strengthen and increase the longevity of your kite while keeping it rigid from overextending canopy which creates a bubble.

   Dacron, the material that covers the leading edge and struts is now being reshaped to a lighter and stiffer version. This has an upside to the overall weight of the kite which can help the performance of the kite in lighter wind and responsiveness. The trailing edge become Dacron-free will also contribute to the reduction in weight.

   The less resistant pulleys are a new addition that is currently being used for other brands, is a plus since it will reduce the friction which will help the tension on the lines which gives the upside of fast response time.

Overall this year's new changes are a significant advantage too Starkite's innovation with quadruple ripstop nylon strengthening the core supporting the overall durability of a kite, the Dacron reduction overall weight and decreasing the overall weight, and finally resistance less pulleys increasing response shows that innovation is a lengthy process that takes years of designing and perfection the perfect sail. 




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